Another Fun Etsy Shop

Looking for fun Vintage collectable gifts?  Well then I have a shop for you.  Every Day Angles Heavenly Treasures has everything from Lunch boxes to Vintage Kitties!!!  Plus the shop owner is just, well how can I describe her, NICE.  Yes, there are still nice people in this world.

She does all the work for you.  She loves going to auctions and finding new and interesting vintage items so you don’t have to.  All you have to do is go check out her shop.  She adds new items often, so if you don’t see one thing that you like on the first visit, go back again in a couple days and even more items will be there!!!!

Just Click on an image to visit her shop!!!!!

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Jack Sparrow as a Monkey

I was browsing around the other day and stumbled upon this. I wish he was mine!!!!!!! This is the best use of a sock yet!!!!!!

Link to Etsy SHOP Siansbury

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Another Thing For the What to do with Socks List (wearing them should not count)

While thinking about socks and dinner I came up with another use for a sock.

In desperation, if you are making chicken fried steak and have misplaced that meat tenderizing mallet that I know you use every day, you could…

1.  Get a clean sock. The sock must be clean, if not, YUCK!!!

2.  Fill it with marbles, small rocks, pennies or if very desperate, ice.

3.  Tie a knot in it.  (You should have a soft ball sized collection in the toe)

4.  Whack the snot out of that piece of beef.  (This can also reduce stress)

This may be just fun to beat things with, I am unsure.  I may give it a go tonight, or not.  Where did I put that mallet thingy?


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Halloween Is Scary…

But if you have a sock monster in the house, they will keep the bad monsters away.  Some even eat them. Some just keep your hands warm (the devils).  I haven’t posted for a while.  School has started again and I am busy with almost 200 new monsters to get to know.   They are just as scary as these sock monsters, but unfortunately they only eat candy and the occasional hamburger.

All these are available at my etsy shop.  Enjoy!!!

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A few more uses for socks

Just to add to the list.

  • Coin Purse
  • ear muffs
  • Dog muzzle
  • Golf club protector thingy
  • Stink bomb (dirty socks only)
  • Head band
  • Knee pads for the crawlers in your life
  • Hair Scrunchies (you will have to cut them up for this)
  • Umbrella sock (use to put wet umbrellas in to protect your car)
  • Travel buddies (store you underwear in one in your suit case, they will never get lost again.

I’m sure I’ll Think of more.



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    A New Sock Animal

    A new kind of animal has come to stay with the minions. At first, I was a little worried to let him hang out with the pocket minions, or the mini sock monster key chains, but it turns out he is a vegan. Oh, what is he? He is a sock lizard. I like to think that he is a Gecko. He licks his eyes with his tongue and crawls around on the house plants. His best friend is Rasta. Rasta will ride him like he is some kind of horse, and Spike (that is the lizard) is happy to let him. He cuddles with all the minions, and loves to perform his favorite party trick (the eye cleaning tongue).

    The other day he did try to clean my eye. It was gross!!!!

    If you have know idea who Rasta is, or who the pocket minions are, check out my etsy store and read the descriptions. It will all make sense then.

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    Sometimes socks are not enough…..

    While wasting time on the net, I came across this great jewelery shop, House of Decay.  Their items are unique, hand crafted, and priced below what I expected.  They specialize in goth, steam punk, and just plain cool jewelry, all … Continue reading

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