Adventures in DIY cleaning supplies

You know those dryer sheet things?  The white little sheets that make your clothes smell good and then either end up all over the laundry room or stuck to your clean clothes?  I am now officially done with them.  Well, not really, I am just making my own reusable ones.  They work great, last forever, are inexpensive and saves the planet from those annoying little white sheets.

Here is what you do.

First Find some flannel.  I had some left over from a past sewing project, but why not up cycle that flannel shirt that has been just hanging in the closet.

Second, cut it up into about 3.5 by 5 inch rectangles.  Honestly I did not measure mine.

Third, I hemmed up the edges real quick.  I made 8, but I really don’t think I need that many. You could also trim the edges with pinking shears.

Fourth, find a small container with a tight lid.  I had mine sitting around, but again think up cycle.  A large yogurt or sour cream container would work great.

Fifth; add one part liquid fabric softener of your choice and 8 parts Hot water.  Then add your flannel dryer sheets.

Let soak over night.  When you are ready to use them, just get one from the container, squeeze out the excess fluid and toss in the dryer with your clothes.  You are ready to go!!!! You can use these until your liquid runs out.  I think I made a years supply.

I used snuggle.  My cost is to be determined. If I do not count the cloth, it cost around .24 to make the liquid.  I think I could get the fabric for around 1.00.  I have used them 37 times so far and they are holding up great. No static on clothing and they are really soft.   Lots of uses left to go, lots of liquid left to go.

Snuggle Dryer sheets 2.00 for 40  .o5 cents a load. Once they are gone….you get to buy more.

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