Yes, There is more to life than socks….

More than socks you may ask?  Yes there is art and friends that make art!!!

Chad Crane was born in Caldwell, Idaho.  He grew up and graduated High School in Morgan, Utah.  In 2006, he graduated from Utah State University with a BFA in Drawing and Painting.  He received his MFA degree in Drawing & Painting in 2009 from the University of Utah where he taught beginning drawing and painting courses. He has participated in numerous local juried and group exhibitions including The 9 Muses, an interdisciplinary show involving the collaboration of nine poets and nine artists.  He was invited to participate in the 300 Plates Fund Raiser at Art Access.  Five of his small works were accepted in Fontbonne University’s Small Works Exhibition in St. Louis.  A large piece was accepted in Twisted Spurs, a national competition of artworks that put a twist on traditional western paining, and he participated in the Sketch Book Project that traveled to various locations throughout the country.  Most recently, he exhibited a new body of work, Familiar Territory, at Art Access.  He is currently in his third year of teaching at Copper Hills High.  He has a beautiful daughter named Lucy.

He recently has made some fun paintings of classic children’s toys!!!!  They are for sale on Etsy at my shop (he has recently become a member of it).  Soon he is going to be painting portraits of my sock creations to sell.  Yes, art and socks can go together.

Read more about Chad Crane, read his poetry and be amazed at his art on Chadcrane.blogspot and at



About maddiesminions

Hello! I am a mother, high school art teacher and maker of monsters, monkeys and other plush dolls. I love to make things from socks and fleece. I hate wearing socks which most people don't quite undrestand, because I buy so many pairs of them.
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