Another Fun Etsy Shop

Looking for fun Vintage collectable gifts?  Well then I have a shop for you.  Every Day Angles Heavenly Treasures has everything from Lunch boxes to Vintage Kitties!!!  Plus the shop owner is just, well how can I describe her, NICE.  Yes, there are still nice people in this world.

She does all the work for you.  She loves going to auctions and finding new and interesting vintage items so you don’t have to.  All you have to do is go check out her shop.  She adds new items often, so if you don’t see one thing that you like on the first visit, go back again in a couple days and even more items will be there!!!!

Just Click on an image to visit her shop!!!!!


About maddiesminions

Hello! I am a mother, high school art teacher and maker of monsters, monkeys and other plush dolls. I love to make things from socks and fleece. I hate wearing socks which most people don't quite undrestand, because I buy so many pairs of them.
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