How to make a Sock Pet…kind of Like a Chia pet!!!!!!

Grass Sock Pet Craft Instructions

I found these instructions a while ago….Mine is in the makings..its going to be awesome!!!!

Kids can create their very own pet complete with funky hair-due in just a few simple steps

  1. First, dump some grass seed into the sock – enough to coat the top of the grass sock pet’s head.
  2. Pour a few scoops of dirt into the sock on top of the grass seed – enough to round out the head.
  3. Tie the sock off and pull tight.
  4. Use push pins to secure buttons for the grass sock pet’s eyes, nose, and mouth.
  5. Dampen the grass sock pet at least once each day to unleash his zany hairdo.

Now that kids have their bald sock pet, they can keep a journal with their parents sketching its progress each day. For additional fun, family members can make predictions on when the first hair will sprout.

Grassy Sock Pet Care and Upkeep Instructions

Depending on the temperature and variety of grass, the seeds may take anywhere from five to thirty days to germinate. During this germination period, the seeds must be kept moist. A sudden change in temperature or moisture levels during germination won’t just stall the process, but stop it entirely and the sock pet will be bald for life.

To make sure the sock pet’s hair sprouts as quickly as possible, allow him to live in-doors. He likes warmer temperatures just like his human buddies. Also, keep him well watered.

About maddiesminions

Hello! I am a mother, high school art teacher and maker of monsters, monkeys and other plush dolls. I love to make things from socks and fleece. I hate wearing socks which most people don't quite undrestand, because I buy so many pairs of them.
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