The Pirate Minions

Pirates can be so much fun!!! EVEN better are pirate dolls.  I fortunately found these great socks and decided that they had to be minions. I’ve been considering outfitting them with swords, but I am unsure how to do it.  I thought about felt, but then I’m afraid that they would not be stiff enough.

Also a new uses for socks:

  • Tie one in a knot and use it for a tug toy for your dog.
  • Tie a whole bunch of them together, wrap them in a ball and play soccer.
  • Use as a rope in an emergency to escape from a fire out the window.
  • A cheese strainer when making homemade cheese (new clean socks only)
  • A marble sack.
  • A reuseable coffee cozy.





About maddiesminions

Hello! I am a mother, high school art teacher and maker of monsters, monkeys and other plush dolls. I love to make things from socks and fleece. I hate wearing socks which most people don't quite undrestand, because I buy so many pairs of them.
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