NEW Monsters

Sometimes I find myself getting a little bored making the usual sock creations.  I have ventured into hand painting ceramic creations, fleece animals and some furry plushies.  Now there are rag dolls.  I love making them.  Each one has been a unique experience.  They tend to develop personalities all their own, and I never know exactly what the finished product will look like.  Here they are.  More to come soon I hope. See them in my etsy shop Maddies Minions!

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Taking care of Minions is hard work.

Taking care of minions is hard work.  The stuffed ones well, those are easy.  You hug them every once in a while, tell them that someone will adopt them soon and put them to bed.  They really take care of themselves.  Its the other minions that are hard.  They are the real minions.

Minion Maddie, is 10 years old, cute as any stuffed minion and a daily inspiration.  Minion J is well older (almost x 5!!!)  He is a bit more difficult.  His socks and white tee shirts require special care.  He is a meat eater (Maddie and I are more Herbivors) and has his own interesting and unique way of doing things.

While taking care of all my Minions, (because they do help in return), I like to think of ways to save money.  The latest money saving tactic has been to make cleaning supplies.  Minions Maddie is a bit of an environmentalist, and thinks this is a great idea.  Minions J is supportive, though sometimes he gives me that strange “what are you doing?” look.

First was the laundry.  Detergent is so expensive, so I did a little research to see what was out there in the land of DIY.  Two recipes were prominent and I have tried both.  The first was the liquid soap.  It works great, but makes a gooey gel.  (Links to recipes are below)  For this post I will be focusing on the powdered form.  It is much easier to store and I feel it works better.

Here it is the recipe:

  • 1 cup Borax
  • 1 cup Washing Soda
  • 1 bar grated Fels Naptha Laundry Soap

I then put it it the food processor and it was done. If you grated the soap finely enough you could skip this step.



I tried this on cold because I was a little skeptical about it disolving, but it did!!!!! I think that this works better then the liquid version.

Cost for 1 batch powder (64 loads)  $2.75                  This comes to  about .04 cents  a load

Tide (64 loads Liquid)   Cost $12.02   about  .18 cents a load

Tide (Powdered 40 loads) Cost 10.00  about  .25 cents a load

Check out Tipnut for others Laundry Soap recipes!!!

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New Items….and a new favorite glue!!!!!

Well, I have been in the dull drums since Christmas.  But now I am back.  It all started with hot glue…then E6000.  What a wonderful glue!!!  I love it.  Well, I am now making monster coasters and mugs.  Also introducing Monster Dog!!!!  (his adventures to come shortly).

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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Last Minute Christmas Gift ideas……Minions of course.

I’ve been busy making monkeys, cats and monsters.  Also went back to the microwavable pocket minions that started it all.  They have been getting bigger though and now are heat packs too.  Take a look and if you are interested in any just visit my etsy shop.  If ordered by December 15th,  they should make it to you in time for gift giving.  You can always contact me for priority shipping details if you need it.

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How to Make a Sock Monster

With all those socks that have disappeared, it is a great idea to turn those miss matched lonely pairs into something great. Monster-munch has created this great poster you can view here. Click image to visit their great site!!!

How to Make a Sock Monster by Nicky

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Sock Monkey and Plush Toy Portraits

Artist may find inspiration in almost anything.  Just listed are some great portraits of a few of my plush.  They have been just listed on my etsy shop.  I think they would make priceless gifts for almost anyone!!!  Just think a great handcrafted, made in the USA sock creation or plush and a professional work of art to go with it!!!!

Yes, more things you can do with socks; you can paint images of them.  Thanks to the very talented artist  Chad Crane!!!!

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Yes, There is more to life than socks….

More than socks you may ask?  Yes there is art and friends that make art!!!

Chad Crane was born in Caldwell, Idaho.  He grew up and graduated High School in Morgan, Utah.  In 2006, he graduated from Utah State University with a BFA in Drawing and Painting.  He received his MFA degree in Drawing & Painting in 2009 from the University of Utah where he taught beginning drawing and painting courses. He has participated in numerous local juried and group exhibitions including The 9 Muses, an interdisciplinary show involving the collaboration of nine poets and nine artists.  He was invited to participate in the 300 Plates Fund Raiser at Art Access.  Five of his small works were accepted in Fontbonne University’s Small Works Exhibition in St. Louis.  A large piece was accepted in Twisted Spurs, a national competition of artworks that put a twist on traditional western paining, and he participated in the Sketch Book Project that traveled to various locations throughout the country.  Most recently, he exhibited a new body of work, Familiar Territory, at Art Access.  He is currently in his third year of teaching at Copper Hills High.  He has a beautiful daughter named Lucy.

He recently has made some fun paintings of classic children’s toys!!!!  They are for sale on Etsy at my shop (he has recently become a member of it).  Soon he is going to be painting portraits of my sock creations to sell.  Yes, art and socks can go together.

Read more about Chad Crane, read his poetry and be amazed at his art on Chadcrane.blogspot and at


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